Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What I have Learnt. Round 2

Over the last term we have learnt many things in MPI104. The main aim of learning all this was to eventually put together a website. Firstly we learnt about File Transfer Protocol (FTP). This where we can transfer our files that we create onto the World Wide Web. We were all given an Athene account to publish our websites too. Next we learnt about adding counters to our websites. This was so we could keep track of how many people actually visited our space. At the moment the counts are only around 50, but the more we added to our website, the more hits we got. We also touched on RSS feeds. These allow you to subscribe to web pages using RSS feeds, and get updates on your webpage when they update theirs. RSS feeds have a monthly subscription cost and are very handy in keeping up-to-date with events and such. We then signed our blogs up to technorati. It was here we learnt that we around the four millionth, eight hundredth and fourteenth thousand, five hundredth and twenty sixth most important person signed up to technorati. And because our websites are visited very little and not up-dated a lot, we also have no authority in the technorati world. But I learnt that technorati is a great tool for businesses and for even just a person to keep track of what people are ‘saying about you, your company, your products, your competitors, your politics and, other areas of interest, on the Internet in real time’(Technorati 101). It is a great source that works different to RSS feed and reads all WebPages, not just RSS subscribed ones. So eventually after learning all of this info, we were able to create our very own personal webpage using IWeb. Here we added counters, links and even a RSS subscription. All in all it has been a very interesting and useful semester in MPI104.

To see my personal WebPage, look here . Have a good day =]

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Technorati is a internet search engine that competes with yahoo and google. It follows blogs and keeps its followers up-to-date with what is happening in relation to there themselves and their business. Similar to the RSS feed, Technorati will alert when changes have been made to other webpages and updates made. But for Technorati to follow your web page or blog, you do not need a working RSS feed for this to happen. Technorati allows you to find out what people are saying about you, your company, your products, your competitors, your politics and, other areas of interest, on the Internet in real time.
My blog is ranked 4,814,527 in the Technorati radar and has no authority as of yet. But wait, i will dominate Technorati! This number means that four million, eight hundred and fourteen thousand, five hundred and twenty six people either joined before me, and/or have a higher number of favourite hits and followers then i do. My blog is not yet influential on the world. But, one day..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

File Transfer Protocol.

FTP, or File Transfer Protocol is used to transfer files from one place to another. You trasfer using programs such as Fetch from the local machine, your computer, to the remote machine, athene.
FTP is good as it makes it simple and easy to publish things on the internet. It could be a bit risky as it is easy to lose documents as you are constantly over-riding old information. These risks can be minamalised by saving backups to everything you do before over-riding it.
I think this is great and i learnt a great deal about making web-pages and believe this could possibly of great assistance in my future.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What I Learnt In MPI104...

What I have learnt in MPI104 so far this semester.
The 1st term in the first semester in 2009 had been an interesting one in MPI104. We have learnt many different things, from how to start a blogger, upload images, to creating links and miniature web pages.
I had always wanted to start a blog but never really new how until we started one in class. I have 6 posts displayed on my blog, have a look at my blog post and also this blog post for some interesting stuff!
I have made a few comments on other peoples blogs, here is one comment I have made, and here is a comment someone had made about a photo of mine.
Learning about was interesting. If you have a look at my DeLish acoocunt. I have book marked 15 pages and counting. Most of these pages are my classmates blogs but the others such as ELyrics , FaceBook and Funny Stuff Central are their purely because I enjoy these web pages.
I love Flickr, alot. I think it is a great way of sharing your photos with the world and finding many fascinating photos from others. On My Flickr account i have uploaded 11 photos. Giving the odd stalker a glimpse of my existence. I have a tagged a few photos from others as my favourites these are; 1 , 2 and 3 . I found these photos while randomly searching the Flickr pages and groups of others.


The advantages in using CSS are vast. I think it is great because a person can keep all necessary information on their web page, whether it is a blogger, MySpace or other page while making the layout and the presentation of the page completely personal.
Some aspects of the web page layout can be changed using templates. New gadgets may be added such as pictures, film or advertisements. By using templates developed by other people simple changes may be made in the layout of a page
The template option does not allow for the change if fonts and colour, or change of the content displayed on the page.
Accessibility is worth considering in web design because people want ease of access. No one wants to spend 20 minutes searching a page for the link of the info that they want.
A few of the changes I learnt how to make were changing the template, the font, and the font size and colour. I also learnt how to advertise on my blogger but opted for a slide show of weather photos instead.
If you want to see some templates, click here